Rosemary's Newborn session - Interview with Mom - Beautiful Newborn Session - Topeka Newborn Photographer

Check out this perfect little princess, Rosemary!  What an angel!  We really enjoyed shooting her newborn pictures, and when she was all dressed up, she looked like a porcelain doll.  Rosemary is so very special and is deeply loved by her family, and we can see why. She is just perfect!  Thank you for checking out her super fun session and we hope you enjoy!

T. H. Peterson: What was your first thought when you saw Rosemary?
Abigail Cox: When we first got an ultrasound done, I cried. When we found out she was a girl, I cried. So of course when she was born, I cried. I remember looking up at my husband and just smiling because she was so perfect and she was finally out in the world.
T. H. P.: How did you come up with her name?
Abigail Cox: I had a couple of names picked out for boys and girls. I decided I wanted to call her Rosie, and then from there we agreed that her full name would be Rosemary Grace.

T. H. P.: What was your biggest food craving during pregnancy?
Abigail Cox: I always wanted pizza. I have a tomato allergy, but was able to have them during pregnancy, and took full advantage of that.
T. H. P.: Describe Rosemary in one word.
Abigail Cox: One word to describe Rosie would be perfect (but also sassy).
T. H. P.: Who do you think she looks like most?
Abigail Cox: She is a carbon copy of me as a baby! And somehow, the older she gets, the more she looks like me
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  1. Our perfect little Rosemary, full of Grace! You are so loved.


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