Interview with Austin Weekley - SFT Class of 2023 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Shooting Austin’s session was great! We started out at Santa Fe Trail and took some football images and then took some images that highlighted track. We then headed to a beautiful farm property  where we got some of the most amazing sunset colors. It was something mom said she was really hoping for. And if I remember right, it was supposed to rain that day but it ended up being incredible. It was the perfect evening for a session. Austin is a very upstanding young man and very likable. You can tell very quickly that his parents raised him right. He was a lot of fun to hang out with and I appreciated his whole attitude and vibe. He was really relaxed and into the session. I honestly love his images so much, I couldn’t tell you which of them I prefer, I honestly feel like it was one of my favorite senior shoots this year. Thanks for checking out his shoot! Hope you enjoy these!

T.H. Peterson: What class are you enjoying the most your senior year?

Austin: Teaching as a Career because I get to go to the elementary school.

T.H. P.: What are your fondest memories playing football and track?

Austin: The fondest memories from football and track are hanging out with my coaches and teammates.

T.H. P.: Worst injury you've ever had playing sports?

Austin: When I was in Jr High I got hit pretty hard and my neck was hurting. Out of precaution I was taken by ambulance to the hospital to ensure there was nothing wrong with my neck / spine.

T.H. P.: What are your plans after high school?

Austin: My plans after high school are to go into the family business of bail bonds.

T.H. P.: What is your dream job?

Austin: My dream job would be to a professional athlete in the NFL.

T.H. P.: Favorite youtube channel?

Austin: My favorite Youtube channel is NFL.

T.H. P.:  What did you like most about your shoot with us?
Austin: What I liked most about the photo shoot was the fact that Tommy was open to ideas and taking pictures I wanted as well as having good ideas. 

T.H. P.: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Austin: People would be surprised to learn I used to hold a Jr High hurdle record.

T.H. P.: Who is the funniest person you know?

Austin: The funniest person I know is Brody Gleason.

T.H. P.: Best advice either of your parents ever gave you? Austin: To always be a leader, not a follower.

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