Kansas Children's Discovery Center in Topeka Kansas - A day of fun!!!!

So, we have this new kid's place in Topeka. It's great and I am very excited about it. It's a place for young children to have fun, explore, learn and be mentally stimulated. Not a knock against your typical kids places, but this is a place that your young child can have lots of fun and not want to leave even after 3 hours of non stop exploring. As in the words of our four year old son, "I LOVE this place! It's better than Chuck E Cheese!!" We took Mo and I am so glad we did. He absolutely loved it. Holly and I both enjoyed ourselves tremendously. And I really love how much they have for kids to do there. From learning about lots about how things work to building things. There is more stuff than I even put on this blog post. If you live near Topeka and have a kid between 2 and half years and like 7 or 8, I highly suggest checking this place out!

 Mo had fun painting his name!

 Mo had a blast working with tools and making stuff!
 He made a really cool robot. With a little help from me and Holly, he hammered nails to put this thing together!

 This air machine that levitated these balls mesmerized Mo for a long time!

 He had fun working on the toy car. He changed a tire, changed the license plate and even learned about what's under the hood.

 Here Mo was trying to change out the muffler! So cute!!

 This contraption of belts, robes, pulleys and cranks transporting rocks really piqued Mo's interest! I think he literally played in this area for an hour!

He worked with some of the other kids to transport the pebbles around the machine.

 We headed over to the black light room and put shapes on the wall.  I had a little fun myself writing my name on the wall!

There are probably close to 30 different stations in this awesome place for kids to learn, play and explore. From a pretend kitchen to a doctor's office, from a vet's office to face painting, this place has so much, if it doesn't wear the parent out, you could literally hang out there all day. Trust me, Mo would have loved that. At one point he told us he wished this was his house!

If you get the chance, do take an opportunity to check this gem out! You'll be very satisfied how much fun your kids have. You never know, you might have a great time as well!


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