Fun at Old Prarie Town and Downtown Topeka - Scranton, KS Professional Portrait Photographers

 Another amazing shoot with Philip and Alexandra from Lenz Photography. This time we went down to Old Prarie Town in Topeka. I'll be honest. I don't normally shoot in places like this mainly because they're over done. They really are. But with a new fresh set of eyes, I decided to head down there and see what we could do differently. I'm sure this place has been used thousands and thousands of times. But most likely never like we used it. We shot there at night and the results I must say were phenomenal. AND FUN!!!! It really was an experience for the kids as well as ourselves. We then headed to downtown Topeka for some fun urban sport shots at night, using external flashes and street lights. It was awesome. We really can shoot ANYTIME of the day or night. We have light, we have photography. Anyway, enjoy, we enjoyed this session so much!

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