Madison Toner - 2015 South Salina High School Grad - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

 This is a session, I'm thoroughly excited about. Our session with Madison happened just a little over a week ago and we traveled all the way to Salina to do them! She wanted something different and so going with a foggy morning session to start with sure did it! These started well before the sun came up and the fog in the air was really something amazing that added a ton of mood to her session! Madison was a great subject. It was really cold and uncomfortable out but managed great! She gave us lots of expressions and the locations we got to do these were amazing!! The whole session was urban and Salina surprised us with some really great looks. So many textures and colors downtown made for a perfect backdrop for her session!!! I'm super thankful we were able to do these for her! I told her that I'm not a big morning person but I'm always so thankful when we do shoot in the morning as we're able to get looks that are usually available to us at no other part of the day!! Here's 10 of our favorite photos from her shoot! If you like what you see, please comment and tell us what you think!!! Take care and thank you!!!

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