Interview with David Lucero - 2016 Seaman High Grad - Topeka's Premier Senior Portrait Photographers

I had an amazing time with David and his family! What a great group of people! We actually did this session as a mini session with a regular session planned later this fall but he wanted to showcase his baseball passion at his home field at Seaman and it was a great time! David is such a focused and dedicated athlete. It was great to see that passion and drive even during our session. As you read our interview you'll definitely see a lot more of his love for the game. I love how his photos turned out and I think they really portray the love he has for the game. Here's a few of our favorites but I think I love his answers just as much as the photos themselves. Enjoy!!
T.H. P.: What are some great things that you love about Seaman and the community?
David: Seaman is a great school to attend. It has a lot of activities you can participate in and gives you the opportunity to meet so new friends and have a good time. Seaman's community is awesome to be part of!
T.H. P.: How long have you played ball?
David: I've played baseball since I was 3 years old. 
T.H. P.: So what positions do you play?
David: I play middle infield and pitch.
T.H. P.: Who’s your favorite professional ball players?
David: My favorite professional baseball player would have to be Albert Pujols.
T.H. P.: What do you love about him so much?
David: That he such a powerful player on and off the field and he just has a cold stance and great swing! And he hits a lot of dingers!
T.H. P.: What are some stereotypes about baseball players that you don’t think are really true.
David: Some people think that baseball players are just an cocky athlete that thinks they are better than you with anything, but at Seaman we are thought by coach Bushnell to be hard working athletes and let our play be our talk "swagger".
T.H. P.: Your favorite professional team?
David: My favorite professional team are the St. Louis Cardinals.
T.H. P.: What other sports do you like to play or watch?
David: Other sports I play is soccer and I like to go watch Sporting KC games. 
T.H. P.: What other passions do you have in life?
David: I'm very passionate about teaching other kids the great game of baseball and I enjoy making people better or feel better about themselves.
T.H. P.: What’s your favorite place to eat in Topeka?
David: My favorite place to eat at in Topeka is Crysters Chinese food.
T.H. P.: Your favorite movie of all time?
David: My favorite movie of all time is Happy Gilmore.
T.H. P.: Advice you’d give to younger kids starting out playing baseball.
David: Some advice I would give out too little kids is never give up on your dream to be a professional, college or high school baseball player. Always give it all at all times and you never know who is watching you! So work hard all the time!
T.H. P.: So what do you love about baseball so much?
David: I love baseball because it's the biggest mental game out there. It works on friendship, trust, and being a competitor. It's just great to play with a crowd and on a great team and get to show off your talent!

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