Interview with Ross Henderson - 2017 Burlington HS Grad - Topeka, Emporia, Lebo, Senior Portraits

 I've been super excited to blog Ross's session. Ross is a 2017 senior from Burlington High. We actually did his whole session on his family's 80+ acres outside of Burlington. It was the PERFECT day for a session. The weather was insanely beautiful. The clouds were the perfect backdrop for a great shoot. Ross is such a nice guy and smiled awesome for his portraits. Lots of guys seem annoyed they even have to do photos. It usually takes a bit to get them to warm up. Not Ross!! He did perfect! He's got a smile that you want to smile back at! I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with his dad as he drove us around his property and then with his family as we did photos of them after his shoot. All in all, Ross spent 4 hours with us but the time flew by because we had that much of a fun time. I love shoots like that!! One thing about Ross's session that I especially love is how much his session ranges in looks. We have some dramatic images. We have some nice closeups. It was truly a perfect session!! Here's some of the highlights from the shoot that we especially loved. Hope you enjoy and make sure to read his interview. It's great!!!
T.H. Peterson: So Burlington is a pretty small school. Is it pretty tight nit? What’s your favorite thing about going to Burlington High?
Ross: I wouldn't describe Burlington as a whole a tight nit group, but most people get along with each other (especially me and my friend group). And, honestly, my favorite thing about BHS would have to be the people. Plenty of good teachers, and more than enough good students to make 
friend with.
T.H. P.: What would you consider a fun date?
Ross: Dinner and a movie.
T.H. P.: Describe your family with a song title.
Ross:"Lean On Me" by Bill Withers.
T.H. P.: What did you enjoy about your shoot with us the most?
Ross: I enjoyed the jokes and going out to places I usually never go. I 
also enjoyed how quick the shoot seemed.

T.H. P.: How would you describe yourself?
Ross: I would describe myself as a jack of all trades. I like computers, 
yet I drive a big truck around.
T.H. P.: What are your plans after high school?
Ross: Most likely going on to K-State and majoring in something in the 
computer field.
T.H. P.: Where’s your favorite place to eat in Topeka?
Ross: Five Guys or Texas Roadhouse.

T.H. P.: What’s the best thing about living out in the country? The worst thing? 
Ross: he best thing is privacy and how quiet it gets. The worst thing is 
the internet and distance to anything fun.
T.H. P.: You and your sister seem to get along great! What sort of relationship do you have with her? What do you appreciate most about her?
Ross: Hannah and I have a very supportive relationship. There's not much to 
ever argue about anymore, and we only talk about things that are important 
to us. And the thing I appreciate about most is her down to earth attitude.
T.H. P.: How long have you played french horn and why did you choose it? 
Ross: I've played French Horn since 6th grade (so for 6 years now). I 
decided to play it because it's unique, and it was also quite a 
challenge when I first started.
T.H. P.: Do you plan to continue playing in band in college?
Ross: Of course! How could you put 7 years into band and then not play 
after high school?
T.H. P.: What part of band do you enjoy most, ie marching band, concert band, etc.
Ross: I enjoy pep band the most, but marching is a close second. Marching does take more effort, but seeing the end result is worth it.
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  1. All these photos are incredible. The Henderson's are a great family. Love that you do an interview session, very neat, and enjoyable to read.


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