A personal moment with my boys - Mo puts Olympas to sleep

 Just wanted to share a little personal moment from the Peterson household. I usually only post sessions we shoot on the blog, but I decided to share a little bit from tonight. We were invited to our pastor's house tonight but honestly since Olympas has been here, we haven't been able to get out much due to his schedule, so Moses and I urged Holly to go with her mom. To give her a much needed break. She LOVES our kids more than anything but every mama knows you need a break sometimes. So Mo and I reassured her we would not let the baby get hurt, the house would not burn down and we would still be here in once piece when she came back. So right before Olympas goes to bed, he eats a meal. Then he sleeps a glorious 12 hours! Thank you to Holly for sleep training our boys! Mo is a great big brother. He is happy to help and tonight he fed his little brother and put him to bed. Here is about a 15 minute segment when he was feeding him.

 Olympas about to let out a YUUUGGGEE burp!
 All better!
 How did ugly old dad get such good looking boys!!
 Olympas seriously adores his big brother!!
 And vice versa.
Thank you for checking out our little story. I'll try to post these more often.


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