Awesome family session and interview with the Ralston family! Topeka's Best Family Photographers

The Ralston's are a great family. They are so much fun to be around and their girls are lovely. They have so much personality and you can't help but smile and laugh when you're around them. They were actually one of our first local customers and we actually photographed them around 10 years ago, which blows my mind! Olivia, who is the middle child, was only a baby then. So here's their blog post along with an interview we did. A fun one where we asked each person a question about their family. Hope you enjoy!

T.H. P.: Becky, what is life like with 3 girls? 
Becky: Great, crazy, fun, drama-filled, sometimes expensive, stressful and busy, but most importantly, life is filled with love.  Truly, overall life with 3 girls is wonderful.  My girls are so incredible in their own individual ways.  And I am very blessed to have wonderful relationships with my girls, that bit makes life with them much better under all circumstances.
T.H. P.: Dad, what is life like in a house full of girls?
Terry: Interesting, very interesting!  Life with them is really crazy, hectic, and fun.  It's fun to watch my daughters grow up and go through life.  I try to be there for them and to be a sounding board, but I don't usually have a clue as to how to help them with their problems (male vs. female brains).   That said, I am getting really good at thinking of ways to warn off all boys; that skill is a must.  
T.H. P.:  Cassie, what do you like most about being the baby of the family? 
Cassie: I get to sleep in Olivia's old bed.  I get to dance with my sisters and play with toys. 
T.H. Peterson: Olivia, what’s the best thing about being the middle child?
Olivia: I'm not the guinea pig!!!  I get to learn from my big sister and get to help teach my little sister.  

T.H. P.: For Sarah:  What’s the best thing about being the oldest?
Sarah: Absolutely nothing!  The fact that I was an only child for 6 years.  And sometimes I get to be in charge!

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