Interview with Kamryn Schlesener - 2017 Mission Valley Grad - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

 Such an amazing session. We had such a great time with Kamryn. When we showed up, we were all a little worried. Winds had to be upwards of 30mph. There were definitely gusts so strong that it almost knocked us down. But we decided to work with the wind, not fight it. And the wind blowing her hair really added to the shoot I think! Kamryn was such a good model! She has an equally beautiful smile as well as serious look. Her eyes are amazing too and I think they are so strong in these photos. We took these on a property just south of Eskridge. It was an awesome property with awesome fields, trees, old buildings, etc. We had a lot of fun there. I am completely in love with Kamryn's session. So much, that we are including one of her images in our display at the West Ridge Mall. I'm very excited to get this session out to the world! Enjoy!
T.H. Peterson: What’s the best thing about going to Mission Valley?
Kamryn: The best thing about going to Mission Valley would definitely be how small the school is. I have grown up with most of the students in my class. It's pretty cool to be so close with these people and it makes high school that much more memorable. 
T.H. P.: You’re about to graduate. What’s your plans after high school?
Kamryn: I will be attending Flint Hills Technical College for Dental Assisting after high school. 
T.H. P.: What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
Kamryn: This is a hard one to choose because I love being outdoors, but if I had to chose, I guess it would be riding four wheelers and/or mudding. 
T.H. P.: What would people be surprised to learn about you?Kamryn: I think most people would be very surprised to learn that I am NOT a yuppie girl. I like to go fishing, hunting, and mudding. I am a "gets her hands dirty" type of girl. 
T.H. P.: What was your favorite thing about your shoot with us?
Kamryn: My favorite thing about my shoot with you would hands down have to be watching you demonstrate each pose that you wanted me to do! 
T.H. P.: What would you say you are most proud of?
Kamryn: I am most proud of my momma. She works her butt of and is such a strong, independent woman! She inspires me everyday.
T.H. P.: What’s a huge pet peeve of yours?
Kamryn: OH MAN. My biggest pet peeve is when people text me and they don't spell out all of the words in the text. I don't know why this bothers me so much, honestly, but it gets on my nerves every time.  
T.H. P.: What’s the hardest, heaviest music you like to listen to?
Kamryn: Well, I don't listen to much heavy rock music, but when I do, it is either by AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, or Foo Fighters.
T.H. P.: I loved your Johnny Cash shirt. What is your favorite country singer ever?
Kamryn: Hmm, my favorite country singer would have to be either Toby Keith or Randy Travis. Gotta love them both!
T.H. P.: What is your favorite desert?
Kamryn: My favorite desert is for sure Kansas dirt cake!
T.H. P.: Are you cat or a dog person and why?

Kamryn: I am most definitely a dog person! I just like how energetic and lovable they are. I have a beagle named Banjo and he is honestly like my best friend. 
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