Interview with Emily Gordon - Washburn Rural Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

 I am thrilled to share Emily's senior session with you today! Emily is a beautiful young lady with a great smile, an amazing personality and passion. We spent a couple hours photographing her downtown Topeka and eventually ended at the Jayhawk Theater. That was the perfect location for her. She is a thespian and that was truly a perfect spot for her! We also photographed her in her mom's shirt from when she was a senior and had her senior portrait on the shirt itself. That was a first for me but it was awesome recreating the pose and including that in her shoot. Within minutes I could see how cool she was, how much personality she has and how unique of a girl she is. She's her own person and I think these captured that charisma beautifully. Thank you for checking out Emily's interview. At the end you'll find her slideshow as well! That's a lot of fun to watch!
T.H. Peterson:  I’ve always heard great things about Washburn Rural. What do you like most about going to school there?
Emily:  I love the people there. I have made so many life-long friends through their amazing theatre department, forensics, and orchestra. 
T.H. P.:  The shirt that you wore with your mom’s photo on it was a fun idea. What made you want to do that?
Emily:  We'll I first found it in my mom's room and thought it was pretty fantastic. The first thing that came to my mind was "I must recreate this. It is my destiny". So, thanks to you guys, my dream came true!
T.H. P.:  Your mom referred to your hair as 900 lbs. of hair. Your hair indeed is amazing. What’s the best and worst thing about having thick hair?
Emily:  The best thing is definitely being able to style it in a multitude of ways and to just have all that volume. The worst is probably maintenance and getting a headache if I put it up in literally any way. 
T.H. P.:  What did you like most about your session with us?
Emily:  Probably getting to see the Jayhawk Theatre because that was AMAZING.
T.H. P.:  What are you most excited about and most nervous about for your senior year?
Emily:  I'm excited for the relatively chill and low stress classes I'm taking next year. I'm definitely most nervous about the unavoidable nightmare that is adulthood and responsibilities. 
T.H. P.:  Describe your fashion sense in two words.
Emily:  Outrageously bold.
T.H. P.:  What a song that has a tremendous amount of meaning to you and why?
Emily:  All Star by Smash Mouth because that song really speaks to me.
T.H. P.:  What is something you are obsessed with?
Emily:  My favorite denim jacket that was my grandpa's that my mom left at the skate park.
T.H. P.:  What’s the best thing to watch on Netflix?
Emily:   The Office (US version of course).
T.H. P.:  What movie reminds you of your childhood?
Emily:  Shrek and Monsters Inc. for sure.

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Also, check out her senior slideshow!


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