Interview with Jaden Hielscher - Lyndon High Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

 Jaden's session was great. He is really down to earth. A grounded, respectable young man. We had a great time with him. It was a morning shoot, which we don't normally do but it ended up working great. The sky was dramatic and cloudy which gave us great light. A little cool but overall really comfortable. The good thing is that evening it poured so I'm really happy we did his session in the A.M. When we first pulled up to Jaden's house, I was so happy because it was beautiful and I could tell we would be able to make great portraits there. I liked his clothing choices. I liked his ideas for his session. We did some on the bridge near his home and the gravel road which to me screams Kansas, rural living. I love Osage county and I think the photographic opportunities here are so great. We ended at his school to do some football and baseball portraits. I love shooting on the field but one of my favorite things about Lyndon is the old scoreboard they have right down the street. It's a must in my opinion if you play football. Anyway, thank you for checking out our session. Hope you enjoy! Check out his interview. Have a great day!
T.H. Peterson: What do you like most about Lyndon High?
Jaden: My favorite thing about LHS is the amount of support that the school receives from the community for sports and other activities.
T.H. P.: What is your favorite and least favorite class this year?
Jaden: I think my favorite class this year would be physics. Least favorite would have to be comp 1.
T.H. P.: So you said baseball was your favorite sport? What do you like so much about playing baseball?
Jaden: What makes me like baseball is how strategic every single pitch and every single play is.
T.H. P.: What is your proudest moment playing football? and Baseball?
Jaden: My proudest moment of football was winning the 8th straight Flint Hills League title with my teammates for the school and for the community. In baseball my proudest moment was hitting 2 home runs in one night my freshman year.
T.H. P.: What is your earliest memory playing sports?
Jaden: My earliest memory would have to be having my dad hit me ground balls on our driveway when I was a kid.
T.H. P.: What kind of music do you listen to when you work out?
Jaden: I like to listen to Rap and Hip Hop when I work out.
T.H. P.: What is your favorite junk food?
Jaden: This is a tough one but I’d have to say Oreo’s.
T.H. P.: Name a useless talent you have.
Jaden: My talent of accent impersonation seems to be useless.
T.H. P.: Favorite thing about your session with us?
Jaden: My dad, along with myself really appreciated how well Tommy sniffed out absolutely wonderful picture spots. Especially while taking pictures around my house and on my property.
T.H. P.: Best advice your dad ever gave you.
Jaden: He taught me to always look for positives in any outcome. That has really carried me and helped me throughout high school.

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