Free Street Studio - Topeka's Best Family and Children's Photographers - Impromptu park sessions

A couple years ago I had an idea for something interesting and fun and I want to let you know that this summer we'll be doing it!

It's called our Free Street Studio.

We will set up in a public location (ie park, downtown, etc)

We will offer free portraits to anyone who wants to come by.

The photos will be loaded onto a gallery that can be used for social media, but prints / files will also be available to purchase. No purchase necessary but the option is there.

It will give us an opportunity to:

1. Meet people
2. Create fun portraits
3. Give people who normally don't have portraits done, a chance.
4. Give our newer assistants more practice time to work with children.
They will be available to anyone who wants to do them. You can just stop by. We will just take a few photos of your kids. It'll be short and sweet.

To book a regular session, email or call 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812
The other day I was at Gage Park, at the playground.

There were so many people with young children. It would have been a perfect time for us to set up shop and just start photographing anyone who wanted a picture.

So, when we decide to do it, it will typically be a weekday afternoon. We WILL NOT announce it days in advance, we will literally announce it the day of. And we will only be at the location for 1-2 hours at a time.

My personal goal is to do them at a minimum, once a month.

To find out when we're doing a street studio, join our group


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