Interview with Jordon Martin - Seaman High - Class of 2019 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

I had a great time with Jordon. The one thing I remember about his shoot is how fast we were able to get so much variety with him. He smiled so good right from the get go. He was a great model and genuinely seemed into the session, which made for a good time! Most sessions we shoot at sunset or in the late afternoon, with him, we did late morning and we were able to get some amazing natural reflective light that gave us the best soft light I could have asked for. Photographically, I was really excited about the session. Jordon was really nice, really laid back and seemed very genuine. I enjoyed meeting him and feel glad to know him. I think these images really show his personality well! These are a few of our favorites. Hope you enjoy!
T.H. Peterson: What do you like most about going to Seaman high?
Jordon: The relationships I have with students & teachers. 

T.H. P.: Any big plans for the summer?
Jordon: I don’t really have any big plans, just working &  hanging out with friends. 
T.H. P.: Where would you like to go to college?
Jordon: Ku or K-State.

T.H. P.: What is something you liked about your shoot with us?
Jordon: He was very friendly & easy to work with. Also we went to some cool spots. 
T.H. P.: What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Jordon: Swimming.
T.H. P.: What kind of music motivates you?
Jordon: Hip hop.

T.H. P.: What tv show were you obsessed with when you were a kid?
Jordon: I can’t really think of any, but I really liked watching The Office recently. 
T.H. P.: Best advice your mom ever gave you.
Jordon: To be honest, telling the truth is always better than lying. 
T.H. P.: How would your friends describe you?
Jordon: Kind, gentle, laid back, funny, and outgoing. 

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