Interview with Cooper Smith - Seaman High - Class of 2019 - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

This may be the first time we've ever photographed a senior that races. So this was a really cool shoot. Cooper is a really laid back, easy going guy. He was super easy to photograph and we had a lot of fun with him. I did love shooting his race car but the whole session was great. Here are a few of our favorites. I really enjoyed his answers to the interview. Make sure to read those. 
T.H. Peterson: What do you like most about going to Seaman?
Cooper: The things I like most about going to Seaman are the staff and also the welcoming environment they provide to all of students. I have always felt that everyone is pretty friendly at Seaman and our school tries to make everyone feel like they can enjoy school.
T.H. P.: How long have you raced?
Cooper: I have been racing for 12 years, since the age of 6.
T.H. P.: What are your future plans for your racing?
Cooper: My plans for racing in the future would to hopefully continue on racing professionally whether I race on dirt or asphalt. Either way I would love to make this into a career and hopefully I can prove my talents are valuable to a professional team in the near future.
T.H. P.: Do you play any other sports?
Cooper: The only other sport I play is golf.
T.H. P.: What is a common misconception about racing?
Cooper: A very common misconception about racing is that we only “make left turns”. There is a lot of work and long hours of effort put into keeping a well maintained car that can bring you success. Not only does the car have to perform but so does the driver and if it was as easy as turning left then anyone could do it, but that isn’t the case.
T.H. P.: What did you enjoy most about your shoot with us?
Cooper: The things I enjoyed most about the photo shoot were definitely the places we took pictures and the conversations with Tommy and his assistant. Some of the places we shot photos at were very cool and I had no idea existed in Topeka.
T.H. P.: Favorite junk food?
Cooper: My favorite junk food would have to be ice cream.
T.H. P.: Where would you like to go to college?
Cooper: I would definitely like to go to college at Kansas State. I have always loved visiting and it helps that family went there as well.
T.H. P.: Last movie you saw and what did you think about it?
Cooper: The last movie I saw was Legally Blonde 2, and I have to admit it is a pretty good movie.
T.H. P.: Favorite song on the radio right now
Cooper: My favorite song on the radio would have to be Houston, We have a problem by Luke Combs.

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