Interview with Mackenzie Hull - Lyndon High Class of 2019 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

 Mackenzie's session was COLLDDDD!!!! Cold and windy but that didn't stop us from having an amazing session! In fact, because of the cold we shot in our studio in NOTO and because we don't do that often, we were able to get some very unique and beautiful images that we don't normally get during senior shoots! I'm a huge fan of how they turned out!! Mackenzie did beautifully, she had a great attitude, and her smile was so beautiful! I'm absolutely thrilled with the results and glad that we were able to do these for her before it got too much colder outside! Thanks for checking out Mackenzie's epic shoot!!!
T.H. Peterson:  Favorite thing about going to Lyndon high?

Mackenzie:  My favorite thing about going to Lyndon is all the good friends and memories I have made. I have learned so much from my years here.

T.H. P.:  What are your plans after high school?

Mackenzie:  My plan after high school is to study nursing but am still undecided on where.

T.H. P.:  What did you like most about your shoot with us?

Mackenzie:  My favorite thing about my shoot was how fun it was, even though the weather was cold, Tommy made it amazing.

T.H. P.:  Favorite junk food?
Mackenzie:  My favorite junk food would have to be hot Cheeto fries. They're so bad for you but sooo good.
T.H. P.:  Favorite tv show or Netflix series?
Mackenzie:  I have so many but my top three would be The Office, Friends and The Vampire Diaries.
T.H. P.:  Biggest pet peeve?
Mackenzie:  My biggest pet peeve is when people have poor personal hygiene. 
T.H. P.:  Where would you like to vacation one day?
Mackenzie:  I have always wanted to go to Maldives or Hawaii. They're both so beautiful.
T.H. P.:  Dream job?
Mackenzie:  My dream job would be a marine biologist. It would be so cool to work with sea animals everyday.
T.H. P.:  Favorite female singer?
Mackenzie:  My favorite female singer is, and forever will be, Beyonc√©.
T.H. P.:  Best advice mom has ever given you?
Mackenzie:  The best advice my mom has given me is that I don't need to rely on anyone and I am strong enough to be on my own.

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