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 I was very honored to photograph Lily with her cow Katie! She’s had a successful career with Lily and these portraits were to commemorate that! When I got to their ranch, it was so windy but we found a great area where the wind was blocked by hills and because of that we were able to get an amazing backdrop of the sky. It could not have been more amazing!!! The skies had a purple tint to them which matched Lily’s shirt. Lily is a remarkable young lady and has a bright future. It’s great to know her and her family, I’ve been photographing her since she was little and it’s been amazing to see her grow up into a beautiful young lady!
T.H. Peterson: How did you get your start showing Katie? 
Lily: About a year ago, after evaluating about 75 heifers very closely I was able to narrow it down to about 4 to pick from for the next show. Out of that 4 there were 2 that really stuck out in my mind, one was black and the other was red. So I took these two females home and started to halter break them in order to get ready for the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado in January. Over the course of the next 2 months the red heifer got the name Katie and she was prepared for Denver. This would be the start of Katie’s show career. 
T.H. P.: What was your fondest memory showing her? 
Lily: My fondest memory no doubt has to be when we were in the supreme drive for the Kansas State Fair this fall and the announcer started announcing the winners. He started at third and worked his way up and after he announced runner up I remembered thinking that one of two things just happened: we were just short of winning and got fourth or we had just won the state fair. I was completely blown away when the announcer then said my name for the supreme title. 
T.H. P.: Did you show other animals before her or is she your first?
Lily: I have shown many other  heifers since I began when I was 7 years old. They all have a place in my heart and have taught me valuable lessons, but, with that being said, Katie is no doubt my most favorite. 
T.H. P.: How would you describe Katie?
Lily: Katie is my heifer, pet, friend, and sister all in 
one. She very much has a mind of her own and does what she wants when she wants. She can also get very grouchy when she is not fed on time or when she thinks that she needs feed. But out of it all, she knows that she is a queen and loves to show off, I strongly believe this is why she shows so well. She knows when she is in the show ring and that she wants the spot light to be on her. Her full name fits her well, Ms Queen of Hearts! 
T.H. P.: What is a life lesson you learned in the process?
Lily: A life lesson that I have learned from this process is that dreams can come true with hard work. Never stop working until your dreams become your goals and those goals become achievable.

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