Interview with Megan Deters - Mission Valley - Class of 2021 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Megan was the perfect model! She smiled beautiful and the weather was incredible! We almost didn't do the shoot due to the high chance of rain earlier in the week and day but when the time came, the skies opened up and gave us the most amazing afternoon! Megan is a sweet girl, with a big personality. Her smile is beautiful and capturing her smiles was so much fun! I loved her outfits and especially her hat. That was a lot of fun and added something special to the session! Here's a few of our favorites from her shoot and super excited to share!!! Make sure to check out her interview as well!

T.H. Peterson: What is your favorite thing about Mission Valley high?

Meg: My favorite thing about mission valley has to be our FCCLA chapter. The organization has helped me grow through the past four years and has given me so many amazing opportunities! 

T.H. P.: What are your plans after high school?
Meg: My plans after high school are to go to college and play basketball. I hope to minor in photography but my major is undecided. I really have no idea what I want to do. 
T.H. P.: Favorite outdoor activity?
Meg: Now I don’t go outside very much but my favorite thing to do outside is playing with my dogs and playing/practicing softball. 
T.H. P.:  How did you spend your quarantine?
Meg: Most of quarantine I did homework online, read, and baked. I baked way too much. 
T.H. P.: What do you like most about your shoot w us?
Meg: All of it!!! It didn’t take too long to get the right shot and there was such a variety of shots too. I loved taking the basketball pictures in the alleyway the most. 
T.H. P.:  Best advice your dad has given you?
Meg: “Don’t stand behind a coughing cow”... I’m not going to explain that one. 
T.H. P.: Favorite thing to do with your mom?
Meg: I have so many memories of my mom and I heading to softball tournaments early in the morning. My favorite thing became listening to our favorite songs wherever we drive together. 
T.H. P.: Favorite place to eat in Topeka ?
Meg: Taco Bell. I eat way too much Taco Bell. 
T.H. P.: Where do you like to shop for clothes?
Meg: Oh pretty much everywhere. I like Kohl’s, Francesca’s and Dicks the most though. 
T.H. P.: What is your favorite sport? What are your goals for sports this year?
Meg: My favorite sport is basketball. My goals are to make it to state for the first time in our school’s history. I also hope to get recruited by the end of the season by at least one college.

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