Ezekiel's Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn Photographers

Ezekiel is such a cute little newborn!  He was very sleepy throughout his entire session, and we got so many yawns from him!  He really liked the soft blankets, the white noise machine and the warm studio.  He slept well, and he got some adorable pictures.  He had quite a bit of hair, and looked so much like his dad!  We even got some pictures of him in the new studio prop, a tiny bed Jesse made for us!  SO CUTE! 

T.H. Peterson: How did you guys react when you found out you were going to have a baby boy?

Kaitlyn:  We were VERY excited to be having a boy, since we already have a 6 year old girl! Now we get the best of both worlds!!

T.H. P.:  What inspired the name Ezekiel?

Kaitlyn:  His full name is Joseph Ezekiel. Joseph being a family name, making him a Joseph lll.   Joseph being a biblical name, we decided to accompany it with another biblical name but more unique to set him apart. Giving him a strong name with meaning!

T.H. P.:  What is one baby item you could not live without?

Kaitlyn:  We love swaddle me swaddle blankets! It makes it so much easier to swaddle and un-swaddle during the night!

T.H. P.:  Describe Ezekiel's personality?

Kaitlyn:  He is such a calm, and observant little guy!

T.H. P.:  What was your favorite part of your session with us?

Kaitlyn:  We loved getting to see him in the little outfits and his poses.

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