Natalie Robinson - WaRu Class of 2022 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Okay so where do I start? Natalie was such a special young lady. Her shoot was beautiful and perfect but I realized when we were done just how impressive Natalie is. As you'll read in this interview she said a movie she saw recently was "adorable and inspiring" and I laughed because that's exactly how I would describe Natalie! She is down to earth and confident and humble and smart and beautiful! She has a bright future for sure!! So excited to share her session. We did these on her property for the most part and I absolutely loved every part of her shoot! Enjoy!

T.H. Peterson: What are you most excited about for your senior year?

Natalie:  I am most excited about cheering at football games with my Cheer team and competing at State cheer!


T.H. P.: What are your plans after high school?

Natalie: During my senior year I am attending Washburn Tech Cosmetology program. I would also love to build my own wedding venue some day and prepare the bride for her special day!

T.H. P.:  How did you get your goat? How did you come up with the name socks and what's the best thing about having a goat?

Natalie:  My goat socks was born on my farm during a freezing winter night. Socks was actually a twin but because of the cold her mother experienced some difficulties during labor. I lost her twin so I was determined to try my hardest to save Socks. I put heat lamps up for her, put lots of bedding in her pen for her, fed her colostrum powder every morning and night since she did not receive any right when she was born. I saved her and we developed a best friend bond. I instantly knew her name would be Socks because she has four white socks around her feet! The best part about having a goat is having a friend that is always excited to see you. I could have the worst day ever but come home and it will be all better because I have Socks excited to see me!

T.H. P.: Tell me about your horse!

Natalie:  My horses name is Show time and I have had him since I was 11 years old. He is as gentle as can be. I trained him to run barrels and poles and I rodeo off of him!

T.H. P.:  So you're a rodeo girl. What's that like. What is your favorite thing about it?

Natalie: I love to rodeo! I compete Ribbon Running, barrels, and poles! I travel to local rodeos and compete in an association called Central Kansas Youth Rodeo Association in Canton Kansas! My favorite thing about Rodeo is the bond I have created with my horse and the amount of friendships I have created. But most importantly it has taught me to never give up and continue trying.

T.H. P.: Favorite place to eat?

Natalie: My favorite place to eat is Chick-fil-a!

T.H. P.: Last movie you saw and what did you think about it?

Natalie:  The last movie I saw was Disney’s new movie Luca and I thought it was inspiring and adorable!

T.H. P.: What did you like most about your session with us?

Natalie: I loved how you guys made everything so relaxed, funny, and comfortable!

T.H. P.: What would people be surprised to learn about you? Natalie: People would be surprised that I am an artsy person. I love to paint and can play the Ukulele.

T.H. P.: What skill do you feel extremely confident in and which skill do you wish you had?

Natalie: I feel extremely confident in talking. I will talk to anyone, anytime, and anyplace! A skill I wish I had would be to have more tumbling for cheer!

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