Interview with Reilly Smith - Olathe East High School Class of 2024 - Kansas Senior Portrait Photographer



Photographing Reilly was a blast! Her session took place in some of the most iconic Kansas City locations like the West Bottoms and the plaza. Absolutely awesome locations! She is so photogenic and we had a blast together! She has a great smile and an incredible fashion sense. I honestly loved photographing her. It was so much fun! Some of my favorite senior photos this year! She did not take a bad photo! She really knew how to pose and smile for the camera. She had tons of great images but these are just some of our favorites! Thanks for checking it out!

T.H. Peterson: How is high school so far this year?

Reilly: So far high school is fun, I have some hard classes but time is flying by. I'm really excited to see my friends again and do extracurricular activities. 

T.H. P.: What classes are you happy to be done with?

Reilly: I’m so happy to be done with AP Literature. There is too much busy work and it is hard to stay awake in class. 

T.H. P.: What are your plans after high school?

Reilly: I plan to go to college and major in civil engineering. I’m not sure which college yet but I’ll be figuring it out soon!

T.H. P.: What is something you enjoyed about your session with us?

Reilly: I enjoyed all of the amazing scenery and graffiti on the buildings, the artwork was very unique and colorful!

T.H. P.: Describe your fashion sense in one word.

Reilly: In a word, I would say my fashion sense is modern. 

T.H. P.: What is the last movie you saw and what did you think about it?

Reilly: Gran Turismo: the movie was very interesting and I loved how the protagonist was able to pursue his dreams despite the challenges he faced. 

T.H. P.: What is your favorite snack after getting home from school?

Reilly: My favorite snack to eat is Cheerios!

T.H. P.: How would friends describe you?

Reilly: I think my friends would describe me as creative and outgoing.

T.H. P.: What music are you obsessed with?

Reilly: At the moment I’m obsessed with Jordan Davis who is a country artist, but I usually lean towards chill pop music.

T.H. P.: What kind of student are you? Reilly: I would say I strive to be an all A Student. I work hard to keep my grades up and to understand the subjects I’m learning.
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