Kylee Chenoweth - St. Mary's 2012 High School Senior - Trash the Dress Session - Topeka, Scranton, Burlingame, KS, Kansas Senior Portrait Photographer

Okay, so trashing dresses is the thing right now. I presented the idea to Kylee and her reaction was 100% totally down to get crazy. What I love about doing this is the possibilities of creativity are endless. If getting dirty and messing up your clothes, hair and makeup don't bother you, then what restrictions are there when we throw a senior into a scene? Well, the results are absolutely crazy! I totally loved our session and Kylee is such a trooper. She had crazy amounts of insane shots, but here are some of my personal favorites!

Yes, this is mud and water. One of our awesome photographers Monica took this one. I LOVE THIS SHOT!!!

One of my absolute favorite shots of the session, if not from any senior session we've ever done I think. The mood, scene, pose, everything came together for such a powerful image in my opinion.

The awesomeness just does not stop! All four photographers were on site to capture at least part of this session. Matt took most of these images and I think they look absolutely amazing!

A crazy fun shot from earlier in the shoot. Just wanted to end the post with it. Totally love everything about it!!

We are totally amped about our senior shoots! We want to do more and continue to create images that are memorable, really showcase the senior and explore our creativity. If you are interested in a senior session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email us at


  1. She should look into modeling!! So beautiful!


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