Thanksgiving 2011 at the Lanier's - Special fun day with family!

 This post is a little behind but I was really wanting to get this online to share with all our friends and family, especially those we don't live near anymore. Thanksgiving we headed down to Wichita to spend it with our parents and my sister Vanessa, brother in law John and their beautiful kids Evan and Idania. The food was wonderful. The conversation was great and we had lots of fun just hanging out.

 This is some of the best turkey we EVER ate!

 Yes Vanessa, it's some of the best turkey we ever had!
 That wing was tasty!
 Grandma lovin on Mo and Eva. Mo attempting to strangle Eva.
 We all went for a lovely walk after a full and satisfying meal!
 Vanessa eager to show off her pearly whites.
 See where I got my photo skills from?!

The adults crashed out after a delicious meal and treacherous stroll.

 The cutie pie is awake!

 Wait! Hold up! Where's the turkey?
 Mo and Eva enjoy some coloring and crafts.

 Idania showing off her cute personality... and tooths.

 Yes, she thinks my jokes are funny.

 This baby gets lots of love.

 Staring contest.
 Idania just wants someone to listen!
 Okay, Idania, how can I help you?
 These three hams.

 Silly girl!
 They accidently kicked the ball over the fence.
 Chillin and watchin some Blues Clues.

Grandma and Grandpa sitting proudly with their beautiful grandkids!


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