Combes / Carson Wedding - Awesome wedding on the Farm - Lebo, KS Professional Wedding Photographers

Every single time I post a wedding, I say how excited I am. Well, I can't express how pleased I am with Tonya and Jimmy's big day. It was the perfect day. Everything. The location, the weather, the family and friends... I just kept thinking about how perfect everything was. I love rural settings and this took place right on their farm in Lebo, KS. The clouds barely gave us cloud cover, which we couldn't have asked for better. The kids were all so much fun to be around and it was definitely one happy celebration. I love being a part of something this real and this down to earth. The little time I've spent around Jimmy and Tonya,  I know they have something special and I wish them the absolute best! Here are a few images and below is the wedding slideshow video! Enjoy it and I'll be posting these as well as a few more on Facebook shortly. If you like what you see or if you were there please share on your wall!

Watch the video here! Put it in full screen and enjoy!
Tommy and Holly Peterson
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