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Charlotte came in for her newborn session and she was very alert!  She had big bright eyes and cute cheeks! She was so adorable and posed herself in most of the wraps and props.  Mom and dad enjoyed watching their precious baby girl during the entire session! Charlotte preferred to nurse, but we needed to work around it so our assistant had to improvise and use her pinky finger to soothe the baby.  We were able to pose her in some cool props and we tried some new techniques! We also got some beautiful pictures of mom. dad and Charlotte. How sweet!!! Enjoy!
T. H. Peterson: How did you find out you were pregnant? Was it a shock or expected?
Rachael:  Actually it was on Mother’s Day. At church everyone kept joking with me asking if I was celebrating this year and I reassured them I was not pregnant. Later that day I bought a test and found out I had just lied to everyone by accident. I was shocked yes, it was not expected at all.
T. H. P.: What is your favorite thing about being a mother?
Rachael:  All of her little noises and funny facial expressions, seeing her change so much in just 2 weeks now has been crazy. Plus it has brought me and Denver so much closer it’s been awesome. Crazy tiring and emotional,  but amazing.
T. H. P.:  Did you have any unique cravings during your pregnancy?
Rachael:  Yes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with popcorn on them.
T. H. P.: What kind of newborn items do you use often and love the most? 
Rachael:  There’s a pre-made swaddle we got at our baby shower that she sleeps with every night. It's so helpful because before we used it she would wiggle her blankets loose every night.
T. H. P.:  What was your favorite part about your newborn session with us?  
Rachael:  How great you were with Charlotte! Your staff was great with getting her comfortable and keeping her asleep throughout the whole session. Before the session I was worried she would cry the whole time but you guys made it easy!

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