Eloise's Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn Photographers

 We fell in love with Eloise the second we saw her beautiful face with her inquisitive look. A look that just melts your heart. After her momma got rid of her hiccups that were making her mad. She was full of smiles and poses. She was such a delightful little girl to work with. Now I understand why her brother is all about her! Who wouldn't be.
 T.H. Peterson:  What did you think / feel when you found out you were pregnant with Eloise?
Danielle:  I was excited when I found out but I was also a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to handle raising two children. Also I was hoping it was going to be a girl so I could have one of each. My hope came true
T.H. P.:  How did you come up with her name?
Danielle:  Her first name came from me hearing it on a video from Facebook. I just fell in love with it. Her middle name Lena was paired with it by my mom.
T.H. P.:  How old is your son and how is he adjusting to big brother status?
Danielle:  My son is 3 (4 in March). He adores and is obsessed with his sister. He just doesn’t like having to adjust to not getting all the attention.
T.H. P.:  Most difficult and favorite part of being pregnant?
Danielle:  My favorite part was being able to feel her move but I had a hard time with the last 3 months with getting around and being able to do even the smallest task around the house. I ended up being put on restriction until she was born.
T.H. P.:  What are your hopes and dreams for Eloise?
Danielle:  I hope she becomes a strong independent woman. I want her to always know her worth and not let anyone take that away from her. I hope she finds her special place in this world and leaves one hell of a mark on it.

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