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As you may know we've been doing these newborn sessions recently and when mom reached out that she had triplets, I was honest that it's not something we have done before but we were willing to give it a shot and I'm so glad we did. It was an amazing experience. These babies were so cooperative and adorable. I was thoroughly impressed with their demeanor. One thing that really got my attention was that each baby at some point gave me a smile. Not something you see that often when photographing newborns to begin with and we were able to get a smile from each baby. How special! Thank you for checking out their session and I hope you take a minute to read mom's answers to the interview. It's great!

T.H. Peterson: What was pregnancy like with triplets?

Carissa: A breeze compared to my singleton pregnancy. I was so sick with my

2.5 y/o daughter and was put on bedrest due to preeclampsia. With the triplets

I maybe got sick a handful of times and was able to make it to “full term” for

triplets with no issues in between! The further I got along it was really crazy

to feel all 6 hands and feet moving in my belly. The human body is truly

amazing and I was so blessed to be able to have 4 hearts beating, 6 legs,

6 arms along with 30 fingers and toes in my one body!

T.H. P.: What did you think when you found out when you were having 3?

Carissa: We had to go through infertility (along with our first child) so there is always that small percentage of multiples…We had an appointment with my doctor around 8 weeks to confirm my pregnancy via ultrasound.

After about 10 minutes of the ultrasound tech studying the screen very hard, I was expecting the worst. She quickly looked over at me and looked behind her at my husband with a smirk and said "You guys wanna know a secret?!" Of course, we said "YES!" She said "It's twins!!!!" My husband and I looked at each other just smiling ear to ear. Our ultrasound tech was a new tech and she quickly realized she hadn’t finished rolling the probe all over my belly... WELL... thats when she found 3!!!!! From that second we knew our lives were about to change drastically. My husband is sitting in the corner about to pass out (bless the tech for giving him the fan). He immediately began making the comments about needing a new vehicle, adjusting things in our current home, how many diapers we are going to go through, financials, etc.. we get out to the car and Brad (my husband) said it never crossed my mind that there could be more than one baby in there. And now... They are here, healthy and truly the biggest blessings!

T.H. P.: How has life been adjusting to babies in the house? How is your 2 year old daughter handling it?

Carissa: It’s been just like becoming a first time mom… you never know what to expect but you just pick up the pieces and run with it. 

Our 2.5 y/o is loving every minute of being a big sister. She is very protective of “HER” babies. She has began acting out a little when she’s not getting all the attention just as any other kid would when bringing just one new baby home! She loves to help mama feed, change diapers, night time routine, etc.. 

T.H. P.: What are some hacks you have learned for having triplet newborns?

Carissa: Well… if only I could grow a third arm! 

Bottle propping has been our best friend (if you aren’t a multiple parent don’t judge). 

When one wakes up they all have to wake up, when one is hungry they all get to eat… or else I’d never get any sleep or anything else done as I’d be constantly feeding them when they are eating every 2-3 hrs. 

T.H. P.: What is something you liked about your session with us?

Carissa: How accommodating, patient and gentle you guys were with all three babies! 

T.H. P.: How can you tell the girls apart? Carissa: Wrenleigh has lots of dark hair while Whitleighs is very light colored. If it wasn’t for Huxley being a boy we wouldn’t be able to tell him and Whitleigh apart. They are a spitting image of each other!

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